Luca Hänni: Dancing is definitely my passion and I love it

We are glad to have Luca Hänni with us today. Thank you very much for taking part Luca. We wonder, how did you start with music? Were there any inspirations which led you to the music business?

For me it was clear very early, that I want to do something with music in my life. I have been in drums lessons in kindergarten. I’m a huge fan of Justin Timberlake. He dances incredibly good and combines dancing and singing in a great way. Ed Sheeran is definitely my idol in singing.

You became known in 2012 when you won German Idol. Tell us about the experience of German Idol back then. Many people described you as the „future star“ and you made a huge impact in the German, Swiss and Austrian music market. How did it feel to start your music career with a big success on your first step?

Winning «Deutschland sucht den Superstar» was a great and unique experience. I learned a lot, met amazing people and I’m really honored, that people like my music so much, until now.

After the German Idol, your first single „Don’t Think About Me“, composed by German star Dieter Bohlen became a huge hit, charting number 1 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and even reached Gold status in Switzerland. Did it put any pressure on you for your upcoming work, being that successful on your first attempt at the music business? How were your reactions back then when you think about it today?

What is important for me, is that I can be proud of my performance at the contest, how far I will come, we will see… Back then until now, I’m so happy and thankful about all great feedback I receive.

You are also a professional dancer, you won „Dance Dance Dance“. How did you start with dancing? On your first attempts in German Idol, we didn’t see you much moving around with your hips.

Dancing is definitely my passion and I love it. I regularly take dancing lessons to improve myself and be able to integrate dancing in my shows.

As everyone knows, you are going to represent Switzerland at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest with „She Got Me“. How do you feel representing your country at the biggest music competition in the world? Did you follow Eurovision before?

I feel just fantastic about my participation at ESC. It’s a great honor to represent my country. I followed ESC also the years before. In 2017 I already had the pleasure as spokesperson to give points for songs and to judge performances as a juror.

If you compare German Idol with Eurovision, what is the main difference for you? Is it now easier for you to compete, as you have the pre-experience with German Idol or is pressure still existing?

Yes I still feel some pressure, but I really like that people enjoy my song and since “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” I had the opportunity to get a lot of experience on stages.

As we mentioned above, you love dancing. Can we expect some dancing in your Eurovision performance? Can you give us some details about your staging?

What is for sure: The audience can look forward to a great show with a lot of dancing. A special challenge for me is to combine the dance performance with my singing. I practice almost every day to make sure I can show a great performance.

So what’s next for Luca? Do you have plans after Eurovision?

At the moment, I work at my fifth album and I plan my new live show. In summer there are some festivals planned and in winter my concert tour starts.

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